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How to create sustainable events

From: Katharine Jordan
Date: Thursday, 8th February 2018

CSR is back in the spotlight.  One of the most common ways to make an event more sustainable is to go paperless and use digital replacements like apps, chatbots and emails. 
  • Create a personalised event experiences using an app to gather attendee preferences and patterns in activity, which will give the event maximum impact and engagement for each participant
  • Use an event app or chatbot to send questions and prompts, giving the audience the power to influence what happens next.
  • Venues are introducing more interactive items, from the basic photo walls to digital displays that can be influenced by attendee participation. Look forward to more Tweet walls, LED displays, crowd-responsive lighting
  • Use mixed reality: virtual reality and augmented reality for maximum impact.  Allow virtual speakers to take the stage, create virtual meeting places and let virtual attendees participate in discussions. 
  • Host digital hangouts that add a new dimension to networking and interaction.
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