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Using Technology: Self check-in and badging

From: Katharine Jordan
Date: Monday, 6th November 2017

I recently supported one of our clients on site and they’ve introduced Cvent’s On Arrival Technology to make the process of checking in at event registration easier and faster.  

It was really quick for the attendees themselves to search by name on an iPad, find their details, preview their badge and print it.  The iPads are wirelessly connected to the printers, so the attendees took their own and put them in the badge holder and collected a lanyard.

From the staffing perspective, it saved pre-printing and badge preparation, it was quicker than finding a badge laid out on the desk and the attendees enjoyed the experience.  The registration desk was clean and tidy, it was easy to make a change to the badge before printing and creating a duplicate followed the same simple procedure.  There was no waste of badges being prepared for people who didn’t turn up.

The technology connects to the event app and automatically checks people in to the event.  There is a counter, so we could see exactly how many people had arrived and who they were, as well as knowing who hadn’t.  By using the app, the attendees could contact their colleagues, without coming back to the registration desk to check whether they were actually there!
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