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"The service has proved invaluable in saving us time and achieving cost savings for our clients"

Client Rate Card

Trinity offers a fully managed room allocation and booking service to take the pressure out of arranging accommodation on-site or at nearby hotels.

Trinity has the technology in-house to build a website for your event attendees to view, select and book accommodation at the best available rates. All we ask is for you to check that you are happy with it before it goes live. Then we will give you the link to put on your event website and to use in your marketing. We will also add the links from Trinity’s website to increase exposure in search engines.

For an event attendee who is booking accommodation, the process is quick and easy - once the rate is available online then the turnaround is minutes.

So that you know what happens behind the scenes, this is the experience that an attendee will have, booking though our system:

  • The website works on auto-registration, which means that they will not have to fill in their details, the system will automatically find them, thus speeding up the booking process
  • When booking confirmation is received they will receive login details for future bookings
  • For bookings where a rate is not available and the form is submitted to an agent, the website will auto populate thus eliminating all manual processes
  • Then they are taken directly through to hotel listing screen
  • The preferred hotel is selected and credit card details submitted to make the booking
  • A confirmation email will be sent to them with their login details if they are a first time user

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